I Am Ready.

For what you ask? For anything!

I have just started TAFE (which educates for Diplomas and Certificates II-IV), and as of today, I am absolutely loving it! My lecturers (all five of them) are awesome and funny, my classes are interesting and I’ve made some great friends! I’ve bought all new stationary for my classes – matching books and folders and everything else I probably don’t really need! And with all this combined plus the inspirational lecture of today, I most certainly am ready to start this year of studying Film and Television Production. : D

Photo by BingBing.

Last week, one of our lecturers asked us why we’re really here and if we’re here for the right reasons. At first I got a bit worried and then I realised, I was there for the right reasons. Perhaps my main goal isn’t to find a job in the industry, but I’m there because I’m interested, I’m there because I love everything about Film and TV and it’s something I really want to learn to do. And if a job comes my way through this, then I won’t turn it down! (:

Today, the same lecturer began the most inspirational class I’ve ever attended! He first asked which of us (In a class of just under 50) considered ourselves writers. Naturally, I kept my hand down and about half of the class raised theirs. He then proceeded to ask who had written anything, ever. All hands were raised. He told us we were all writers then. Honestly this did confuse me a bit, but as the lesson progressed, I understood what he meant. We were capable of writing, but we (well most) weren’t at the lever of best-selling author or anything of the like.

We were given a couple of exercises to do to try to get our creative juices flowing. The idea of them being that we need to be able to turn our creativity on whenever it’s need, not just when we’re in the ‘right mood’ or ‘can be bothered’.

So for the first exercise, David asked us to get out a page of paper and in the next 15 minutes, fill it with words. There were no rules, no one was going to read it and we had the freedom to write about whatever we wanted. The only restriction was the 15 minute time limit. When we started I thought, okay, a good time to write part of one of my stories and develop it a bit, but after a few lines, I grew unhappy with my writing and then began writing about what I must do that afternoon as well as a shopping list. I then began to write down some ideas for me previous blog post, RegretFollowing that I then began another piece of my novel and wrote one word on the last line of the page just as David yelled out ‘pens down’!

To be perfectly honest I actually found this exercise quite difficult. He asked us our thoughts on the task and why we found it either easy or difficult. I told him it was because I was worrying about making it sound like a decent piece of writing (hence the frequent topic changes). He turns to the class.

“Even though there were no rules. That no one was going to read it and you could write about anything you wanted, you were held back by self-censorship,” Addressing the class, he asked, “how many of you were held back by self-censorship?” And almost everyone in the class held up their hands.

It was quite astonishing really. To find that I found something like that so hard. It was both the self-censorship as well as being put on the spot and being told to write something. I had no idea of what to write really, which also made it difficult for me.

Soon after, we moved onto another exercise. This time, we were to be reading them out to the class, and we only had 5 minutes to write it. You may have done this one before. He gave us three sentences to fill-in the gaps of. They were: There was a man walking down the street… He was carrying… Then he met… So we spent the next five minutes doing that which I found much easier than the previous task. After, about 20 people read theirs out. There were some funny ones and some dark ones and some. I don’t even know. Hahaha. But David pointed out that we all started with the same thing, but to look at all the differences between what we wrote about and that it was interesting to know what was going on in our heads (which is a bit worrying because mine was about a guy shrouded in dark clothes and a clock carrying a 45 heading down a dark alley. Hahaa!)

He gave us some tips on how to improve though his basic message was, PRACTISE!

The tips he gave us included writing a full page of something/anything every single day – when you wake up grab a cup of coffee and sit down with a page. This will help us get used to tapping into our creativity whenever necessary. The next was for us to each buy a notebook at write down an idea for a film/book/etc once a day, so that when assessment comes, we have options to choose from instead of floundering about looking for an idea. I think the last one was to do something creative with music. Like write a song, or a piece of instrumental/soundtrack music as often as possible so we have more that one source of creativity.

During that class we also talked about a lot more and watched some videos giving us an insight of the greatest directorial minds of this day. Needless to say, I left that class very enlightened and more excited than ever to study this course!

I also realised that I’m not necessarily a bad writer (I wasn’t born with the gift though), but that my creativity hasn’t been nurtured. For an example, in my last three years of High School, we were only given one maybe two creative writing assignments in English classes, in Music Extension class there was no room for creativity as the songs I performed had to be sung identical to the original. The only classes I really got to express my creativity was in Film and TV and Music. But even then we were limited. So I’m quite exited to finally get to release my creativity upon the world! 😀

Alright, I think that’s enough of my today. Haha. But I’ve added my SoundCloud account like to the side menu, so I won’t clutter this blog with my random pieces of music, you can find them all there. (: Until next time!

Amber. xx


3 thoughts on “I Am Ready.

  1. Amber,
    How exciting that you’re venturing into a new field of interest and that your instructor is promoting and encouraging individual creativity. Not sure why you don’t think you’re a writer (as you most certainly seem to be from your informative and great posts), but kudos to you for taking a leap and investing in yourself and in something you love even if it doesn’t turn into that “dream job” that you may have in mind right now, it will lead to something. You’ll use these tools — the things you learn — in the future, I can promise you that.

    I like the premise of the story that your creative mind tapped into:
    “a guy shrouded in dark clothes and a clock carrying a 45 heading down a dark alley…” Already, I’m hooked and want to know more!

    You’ll find the more you engage in these creative musings, the more your characters will come alive and won’t leave you alone until you tell their story. :).

    Good luck, great blog and look forward to more.

    • Wow! Thank you so much for your comment. It truly was an inspirational lesson to say the least.

      To be honest with you, the story ended with: And then he met Steve. Hahaha, not sure that was quite the ending you were hoping for, but in five minutes, there’s only so much one can do. 😛

      I love that. “The more your characters will come alive and won’t leave you alone until you tell their story” I’ve never though of it like that, but it definitely makes sense. I can’t wait till I reach a point where my creativity and inspiration flows more freely and my skills in writing improve!

      Thank you again for your comment. 🙂
      Amber. xx

      Ps. Most of these daily writings will be posted on my writing blog: http://wp.me/2eKGY rather than than here (for clutter reasons), if you’re interested at all. (:

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