A Life Without Regrets? Rubbish!

Carters Beach, Westport, NZ (Picture taken by my Aunty/Uncle's cousin.)

They say that you should live a life without regrets. And they also say that you should not regret your mistakes as you learn from them, that you should just call them ‘life experiences’. To an extent, I suppose this is true. But how does one not regret their utterly stupid mistakes? Especially the ones that could’ve been avoided by using common sense or by just thinking on it that little bit longer? Does one learn from those? Honestly, I don’t really think so. Not straight away anyway. I have plenty of regrets. I regret things I’ve both said and done and then there is the opportunities I’ve missed out on.

Also, the photo doesn’t really have anything to do with this post, except for my thinking it was a lovely and interesting image and my deciding to use it. (:

Amber. xx


4 thoughts on “A Life Without Regrets? Rubbish!

  1. Okay I was nodding vigorously throughout this post! It’s impossible to not have regrets, especially for the really big ones. And passing them off as life experiences all the time is just silly and annoying to a degree. I agree 100%

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  3. It seems to be a kind of fashion to say “I have no regrets”. I think this indicates a terrible level of insensitivity, or a degree of egotism that can’t recognize having done anything that might induce them. I certainly have regrets, and even remorse for certain devastating things I’ve done. Confused thinking or good intentions don’t provide an excuse. Sometimes there simply is no excuse and you have to live with the feelings that result. Obviously it’s not good to be overwhelmed and dragged into the emotional mire by regrets, life has to go on, but they’re still there, nothing to be done.

  4. It’s true. I totally agree but I think that thinking about the same things again & again won’t change it but will further frustrate us to major extent. Sometimes you just have to forgive yourself & laugh at some silly-common-sense-mistakes, be patient with yourself and ask for forgiveness. That’s all !! 🙂

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