Ice-Cream and Laughter

So last night, my friends convinced me at 8:00pm to go and hang out with them. I was a looong night. Haha. First I was told there was a surprise and that we were going on an adventure. That adventure ended at an ice-cream parlor! But this was after taking about 10 wrong streets (and even I know how to get there). 😛

After that adventure we then went back to one of their houses and proceeded to have a very hilarious night. We watched TV shows and stand-up comedy and a lot of Tim Minchin!

At some point in the night, we read my Weekly Photo Challenge. Now when I posted that last night, I had neither proof-read or edited it because I was in a hurry to post it before they picked me up. Almost the entire thing was copied from the book I first wrote it in about 3 years ago. It wasn’t until my two friends started reading it aloud that I realise how many errors were in there and how bad it really was.

The one sentence that really got them going was ‎”The tree sat…”. Most of the rest of our night consisted of jokes relating to this error. Followed by Facebook and Twitter posts of: ‎”The tree sat…” TREES SIT NOW!

So I’d just thought I’d say I’m sorry to all the readers for that. Hahahahaha. I have changed a couple of words in it today, but have decided to leave the rest alone. This is mostly because I can’t be bothered to think about editing it. 😀

I ended up getting home around 3:15am and I jumped into bed and watched Tangled. I love Disney movies! I mostly felt like watching it because while at my friends house, we watched this amazing A Capella Disney medley. You can watch it here if you wish. I now really want to do a Disney medley.. XD

Anyways, that’s enough from me for now. Until next time!

Amber. xx


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