Why Hello There, 2012!


I hope you’ve all had wonderful past year and I hope this year brings love, joy and excitement!

I guess the first thing we should be doing is setting some resolutions! And then the next thing would be achieve them, yes? Haa. Let’s get down to it then. So far, my resolutions are as follows:

1. To post a blog entry every single day this year! Or at least every second.. Or third day. Okay, once a week at the least. 😛

2. To exercise a lot more and eat healthier.

3. Via #2, lose a minimum of 10kg. XD

4. Get into and successfully complete a Diploma. I got in! XD

5. Build a repertoire to be used for either performing or busking.

6. Get into another musical. 😀

7. Put some money away and start saving. AFTER getting a new iPod, laptop and iMac! ;D

8. Refurbish and redecorate my room.

9. Learn to sew and learn to cook/bake more things!

And that’s about all I can think of right now. That and the fact that typing on an iPod touch is rather irritating. Hahaha. May update later but for now at least I can say I haven’t strayed on resolution #1. ;D

Amber. xx


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