Elena Matthews – A Prologue.

While I was in New Zealand, I had barely any access to a computer so I could not continue writing my novel from NaNoWriMo. So in place, I decided to write something else. A prologue of sorts. I decided to name it Elena Matthews – A Prologue. I know, I know, very imaginative!

So basically..

Elena Matthews is Amaia Matthews mother. -nods- This new story covers Elena’s story from before she found her self in the Old Kingdom of Woodsborough right up until after her daughter comes into the world. I’m thinking I will also either add another story to this or a sort of epilogue as Elena disappears once again at the end of my main novel.

I haven’t decided which I will post first now that I have this new idea. I might have to get some feedback from friends and anyone else reading this that would like to read my novel/s! (:

So now I have two projects on the go! Plus I start work again on the 3rd and I hopefully start Uni in February! I also am going to read my friend’s novel from NaNoWriMo and give some concrit for him. Wow am I going to be busy over the next month or two!

Anyways, I’m just hoping I have enough time to make a decent dent in most of these projects before Uni starts! Otherwise I am doomed. Haa.

I’d best be going now. Must get ready for my New Years plans tonight! 😀

Elena Matthews – A Prologue (Coming Soon)
Kingdom of Woodsborough  – Amaia’s Story (Not actual title Also Coming Soon) 

Amber. xx


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