Novel News

Okay, so I haven’t posted anything related to my novel as of late, so I decided that I shall do so now. ;D I still have some gaping holes in my plot such as character names and what not, but I’m slowly filling those in. To fill the long wait between now and November, below is a little taste of Woodsborough the town and Woodsborough the Kingdom.

21st Century Woodsborough – The Town;;

Woodsborough is your typical suburb only, a lot more remote, and very laid back. In complete contrast to the surrounding landscape of desert valley and snow capped mountains, the town is covered in rich green grass and a vast array of colours from flowers, to houses and even cars. It’s like an oasis in the desert- without the palm trees. Woodsborough is accessed through one road and one road only; the steep and winding pass that travels along the cliff’s edge from the valley floor for a matter of miles. At the top of the steep incline, the road veers right pass the cliff’s outlook post – a place that becomes quite important in the story – and into the green beauty of this small town set into the mountains.

Most of the town is situated close to the main access road but further back towards the mountains, the old parts of the town still remain. A few dilapidated houses can be seen along the edge of the old forest where the road ends but deep among the towering oaks and redwoods lies the oldest part of Woodsborough’s history: the ruins of the Castle RoyalFamilyNameThatIHaven’tThoughOfYet. XD

17th Century Woodsborough – The Kingdom;;

Welcome back through time! The Kingdom of Woodsborough is set in medieval times. The castle is set just back off center and is surrounded by the peaceful, working people of the Kingdom. Some notable places in the Kingdom include the inn of Melinda Maarten, which is set in the center of the closest town and the home of Kaiyah Hallow, the Castle sorceress/enchantress, which sits at the edge of town a midst the outermost trees of the forest.

Woodsborough is bordered by five surrounding realms. Only three of which the royal family still have knowledge of. Elmaredor, home of the Great University/Library and the Elven Princess, Althea, the home of the Fae which the Kingdom of only has slight knowledge of and finally the supposed ‘Kingdom’ of the antagonist. Knowledge of what lies in the other two realms is lost to all but the eldest of residents. (They won’t – at this stage – however be relevant to this novel.)

Okay, I’m going to stop now because I’m extremely tired and I’ve noticed that my descriptions and writing are suffering big time. So this is a little more info about the world of my novel. I’m sorry for the terrible writing, especially towards the end. It has helped me a lot to get this down however. It is now a more concrete structure that will allow me to build my story upon and at characters and features where I see fit.

I hope you keep up with me during this process! (:
Also, the Sound of Music opens tomorrow night! OhMyGoodness! At least we have tonight off which, as you can see from above, I clearly needed.

Amber. xx


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