This Unimaginative Yet Unique Title

OhMyGoodness! It has been a much too hectic and exciting weekend. I have had next to no time to blog and when I have, I haven’t been able to write anything substantial. So I just left it. But now, I have quite a bit of spare time on my hand before I have to go down to the shops to find some shoes. Speaking of which, my Sound of Music costumes are complete! Apart from the shoes of course.. xD

I’m going to put up some photos.. because I feel like it. This is also going to be a pretty long post.. because of the photos. Sorreh. 😀

Meet the Children von Trapp. 😀

The youngest children are absolutely adorable and the older kids (and adults but shh!) are just plain awesome!












So on the left would be my novice/postulant/notquitesure nun costume that is finally complete! Allelujah. Hahaha. It’s really hot to wear on stage and under all the lights. Especially around my neck which has three layers of material around it. Goodness gracious!

And on the right is my ballgown. Complete with jewels and a shawl. This is also the outfit I need shoes for. If anyone has silver 30’s style shoes and could get them to me in the next couple of hours.. that would be great! : P That would be my dance partner with me. Looking hilarious in another of his many costumes. : D

I don’t think another hmm.. four photos would hurt. Would they?

Liesl von Trapp

Captain von Trapp and Maria von Trapp

2nd Prize Winner of the Festival and Goat

Gretl, Marta and Maria


















Okay, I think enough photos are now filling up this post. Sorry for all that, but I’m having so much fun and now that I’ve been able to take mum’s camera I thought I’d share some photos! : D

So the rehearsals for the Sound of Music are going great. A lot more stressful, but a lot less chaotic. Which is saying something. Backstage is still a mess at the best of times though. Which is something I hope we fix tonight. Just remembered! Tonight is professional photos night. As in, as we run the show, a photographer will be taking a whole lot of photos of us to promote the show and put in the program. (:

I shall post a bit more later on. Especially on NaNoWriMo, but for now, I have to head down to the shops to find some shoes. Ta ta for now. ;D

Amber. xx

EDIT: If this post goes all dodgy again.. sorry. It’s WordPress’ fault.


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