I Love Thee Tinychat. And Thine Family.

It is true. I’ve spent the better part of my day today just chatting to my online friends via Tinychat. I suppose then, it’s not really Tinychat that I love, but the people I’m talking to..? Eh, either or. Today is a good day, regardless.

So, in an hour, my buddy and I are set to go for our long awaited walk! Woot woot! Well, that’s if he doesn’t mysteriously become very ill again.. If that’s the case, I might have to walk down the road and tend to him myself. Muahaha. XD

So, a little update of life. Yes I think that’s what this post can be about! Indeed.

Well, the Sound of Music opens in one week. OMG! How scary.. :/ Last rehearsal, I was told that I’ll be needing a new ball gown as my was .. well, pretty much ugly. They liked it when they gave it to me to wear! Sigh. Well at least I’m not the one that has to find one to wear in less than a week. To my director, good luck. I’m a bigger girl that most in the cast, so good darn luck.. Oh dear. Our nunly costumes might also be getting an overhaul as well. We shall see what happens this Sunday. I don’t think they’re that bad.. except for the whole missing a piece thing.. What do you think?

Fellow nun, Michelle and I. Hot! Or not? ;D

I talked to my step-mum on the phone to day, and organised my flights home to New Zealand at either the end of this year or start of next. Excited! I can’t wait. xD I’ll get to see my wee sisters, who by the way are absolutely adorable. This is the part where I get photos up..

Rylee. She'll be 4 in 3 weeks! ❤

Ella. She'll be 6 in December! ❤

What do you think? The cutest sisters ever, or not? xD Well.. on the outside. Hahahaha. I love them. 😀 So I can’t wait to see them in a couple of months! And the rest of my family of course! Can’t forget about them. (:

What else have I been doing? Hm. I’m still planning and brainstorming and writing ideas out for NaNoWriMo, so I might post some stuff up about that later on. I think I’ll start structuring my novel soon too. I know I have gaping holes in my plot, so I need to start getting them sorted out and I need to come up with a few names.. I’d say the royal family’s name is fairly important, wouldn’t you? That, and the main antagonist. Ah.. I have a bit of work left a head of me.

I think I’ll structure my blog posts as well. At least a little so I’ll have days where I have definite things to write about and other days to ramble on. XD It also gives readers a guide as for what they might like to read about and/or ignore! ; )

Sunday/Monday;; Will most probably be SoM related content. Not entirely, but definitely mostly. 😀

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday;; Either NaNoWriMo related content, or some nonsense that I’ll pull out of nowhere!

There. Now you all know. Informative, right? Heh. I hope this post hasn’t been too image heavy! I shall leave you with this for now.

Amber. xx


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