Otherwise known as Production Week Show Plague.

Haha, oh dear is this true or what? Especially for shows coming out of winter. Oh my goodness! I’ve been really quite sick the past couple of weeks and I’m just starting to get over it.. I think. And then the past couple of rehearsals (so the past week or so), our Captain von Trapp was sounding terribly ill and now just yesterday, our leading lady posted on Facebook about an itchy throat. Here’s hoping all is well among the cast tonight.. although I’m still a little icky.

Now, not only is this affecting our show.. my buddy had the nerve to get sick yesterday which mean that we could not go for our scheduled walk. Very inconvenient. : P And yes, I realise it wasn’t his fault.. well sort of.. but still doesn’t mean I can’t blame it on him. Haha. He still wanted to come for a walk though, never mind that he couldn’t barely breathe or walk or anything. Aw. xD But I told him to eat, lie down and call his doctor. He tried to argue before he realised he was arguing with a woman. 😉 My poor wee buddy then realised his attempts were futile. Heh.

Hmm.. I know today is Wednesday and I’m supposed to by blogging about the SoM, but well, rehearsals aren’t for another 7 hours and I kinda felt like writing. That, and I’m still one post behind on my Post A Day challenge. Sigh, mother, sigh.

So perhaps this shall be my make up post.. ? I’m not sure. We’ll find out soon enough. But for now..

Amber. xx


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