Mother, You Suck! Love me. <3

So here I was, trying to do my Post A Day challenge and guess what, mum wouldn’t let me use her laptop! How rude is that? I’m just sitting in my room, doing nothing, while she wasn’t even using it! She supposedly needed it for work, but she never did her work. SIGH. So today, I shall be posting TWO posts. What lucky ducklings you are! ;D

I have noticed something in the structure of how I post. It seems that every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday my posts are dedicated to the Sound of Music rehearsals. This would obviously be because I’m in it.. and also, absolutely nothing else that is even vaguely interesting happens at all on these days. Remember how I said that my life is extremely uninteresting in my very first post? This here is the evidence. On every other day, I just attempt to fish something out of my sieve of a memory or my vastly nonsensical head to post here. That, or make something up.

Hence what will probably be a lot of random ramblings littering this blog.

So now that I’m here.. what shall I blog about? Well, seeing as this was supposed to be a Monday post, how about SoM? Maybe just a little..

We had our first full costume/lights/set run through last night. Omg. I don’t know whether it would be appropriate to call it hilarious or not. It wasn’t then, but it really is now. The dance routine that I have went terribly. Haha. I almost fell over and off the stage and then my tiara fell backwards, so I ripped that out and skipped the rest of the dance to put it back in and get into my next position. I couldn’t stop laughing during the rest of the scene. I had about 30seconds-1minute to change from my ball gown into my nun’s robes. That was interesting, let me tell you! At least I was actually dressed when we were yelled at to get back on stage.. unlike some unfortunate others. xD

I helped little wee Gretl find and get into her last costume and quite a few others including our -seemingly always in a hurry- leading lady. : D There are a LOT of quick costume changes in this show. And not much room at all to do it in!

I’ve grown a lot closer to the kids of the cast in the past couple of days! (: Which I’m really happy about. They’re such amazing kids, and just so adorable!  Heh heh. I’m going to have to take mum’s camera to rehearsal tomorrow so I can get some photos to put up. And to keep for memories sake, of course! I might also make a short video with some snippets of the show..

Anyways, I think that’s enough SoM talk for now. This was yesterday’s post. I had to make up for missing it, and so at some point today, I’ll be posting today’s post. Which will probably be drabble.. But stay tuned! ;D

Amber. xx


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