Get Ready for a Long, Long Day!

Today is the first, most crucial and longest tech rehearsal for the cast and crew of the Sound of Music! I am in for a very, very long day. Hahaha. So you, dear reader are in for a very, very long post. I was going to split this post up into several over the day, but I think I’ll just have one post now and update it as the day wears on.


So first up, the morning. It is currently 4am and I have not slept a wink since waking up yesterday morning. You could ask me why, but I would not have an answer to give you. I can however tell you that I am not going to sleep now because I am a black belted master at turning off 8 different alarms without even waking up. NINJA! So here I am, sitting at the laptop and writing the beginnings of today’s post. And talking to my buddy. And also watching The Addams Family. Because it is amazing! I’ll update again most probably around lunch time. ; D


I. Am. So. Tired. Hahaha. But that’s not surprising. Mum decided she wanted to go here there and everywhere this morning, so I am only just getting ready for rehearsal now. My ride will be here in about 20mins.. which sucks because that’s only about 5mins when your getting yourself ready. So now off to put on a face and make some lunch as I have just been scolded by my mother. Lol. Oh dear. It’s going to be a VERY long day. Siigh.


And we’re finally at rehearsal! The set looks amazing and I can’t wait to do a full run through of the show now! We probably won’t really get to do one today.. Well, one the isn’t slow and broken up for lighting cues. At least the next rehearsal is tomorrow, so I won’t have to wait! Heh.

I’m currently watching the staging/blocking of the runaway scene in the Abbey. : ) Our little Gretl is too CUTE! Extremely so. But then, so are all the kids! This scene is intense. xD I’ll post more later. I’m far too distracted at the moment. Hahaha. 😀


I know I’m a little late updating this, but I haven’t been able to access the internet since 12:20pm yesterday. xD So by this time, we were only just getting towards the end of the first act. Long day indeed. But they day has been broken up but a lot of interesting conversations and a few trips to Maccas and the KFC that is right across the road. (which is NOT such a good thing sometimes. Especially when bored. We have costumes to fit into people! Hahahaha!) (Says the girl eating a Mars Cookie..) Also some jammin’ on the guitar and an impromptu performance by out very own Mr Rolf. The song revolved around taking the pee out of me and my country. It was brilliant to be honest! Pretty much the entire cast ended up joining in with the ‘chorus’. I only recorded the last 2 minutes of the improv song about 15 which sucks, but perhaps I’ll upload it in the near future for your entertainment!


Done, done and DONE! ‘Shuum’. <— that was a wave of relief washing over me.. It feels so good to finally be able to run the show through with the blocking and lighting cues all done and set. Now just to finalise all costumes and get the show running smoothly with smooth scene changes and extremely short and fast costumes changes. Costume changes that seem very impossible at the moment. I’m helping to dress a lot of people in this show! It’s a team effort this one. (:

Ahh, I’m having such a great time with this show! I can’t believe there is only a week and a half till opening night! Goodness! This is all coming too soon. The END is coming too soon! ): Ah well, have to make the best of it while I can! And that, I will do! 

Well, this is the end of this long post, no more updating needed. : D Hopefully..

Amber. xx


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