Posted in October 2011

A Little Bit o’ Everything.

I have a little bit of a rant to start today’s post. I’m sure none of you are interested in it, so feel free to skip, but I feel as though it needs to be said. People can be so incredibly childish. Posting statuses about their friends on Facebook and Twitter and the like. It’s … Continue reading

A Stroke of Imagination

Last night turned out to be a great night, for my creative juices were flowing and spilling onto several pages. It was great! I discovered more about the world in which my novel is set and it is all coming together into one plot quite well. Some foreshadowing has been created as well and I … Continue reading

Self Doubt

Over the last couple of days, I’ve really been thinking to myself: “Perhaps this wasn’t the best time to attempt this novel you’ve been stewing over for so long. I mean it’s taken you this long to get to the current complex plot you have, what makes you think that you can fill in all … Continue reading

Novel News

Okay, so I haven’t posted anything related to my novel as of late, so I decided that I shall do so now. ;D I still have some gaping holes in my plot such as character names and what not, but I’m slowly filling those in. To fill the long wait between now and November, below … Continue reading

A Little Music

Hello again, all! Today, I have just decided that I would like to attempt to upload some audio to my WordPress blog. I am pleased to say that I met success! ;D I’ve used one of my music assessment pieces from school last year and it was created on Sibelius with midi sounds (and so, it is … Continue reading


So I have decided what I’m going to be writing NaNoWriMo! Yay! 😀 It is not, however, going to be submitted for the official word count or anything as I’m basing it on another person’s idea. Sort of. And I don’t want to be caught up in whatever copyright laws come into play there. (: … Continue reading


Otherwise known as Production Week Show Plague. Haha, oh dear is this true or what? Especially for shows coming out of winter. Oh my goodness! I’ve been really quite sick the past couple of weeks and I’m just starting to get over it.. I think. And then the past couple of rehearsals (so the past … Continue reading

Mother, You Suck! Love me. <3

So here I was, trying to do my Post A Day challenge and guess what, mum wouldn’t let me use her laptop! How rude is that? I’m just sitting in my room, doing nothing, while she wasn’t even using it! She supposedly needed it for work, but she never did her work. SIGH. So today, … Continue reading