The Hills are Alive With…

The Sound Of Music!

So the first exiting thing that has happened to me lately has been being cast in Phoenix Ensemble’s production of The Sound of Music! Yay! And I shall be playing a nun. Most of the friends think this is absolutely hilarious. Even the one playing the bishop.. Mind you, so do I. 😉

After being in Phoenix’s production of Chess last year, I’m extremely excited for this show! It’s coming along quite well. After a full run through of Act One last night, we were finally able to watch the cute wee kids sing their songs, I have snuck a few peaks in and they sound and look so cute. There’s no other way to describe it! They sound good too. And that’s probably pretty important.. Eh! I love watching a show come together. We had our costuming done a week or so ago and I was given my novice nun robes/costume (I still haven’t got the right veil yet). We took a few photos and rocked out to Sister Act songs. I know, wrong show! But I’m still hoping we’ll get to do a dance number or something on closing night. Haha!

In place of this Sunday’s rehearsal, some of the ‘nuns’ are going to visit some real nuns. The Carmelite Monastery I think. So, I do think this weekend will be quite interesting. We’re going for character building, but that’s pretty much the last thing I’ll be thinking about when visiting them. I’ll probably be too much in awe or staring around the room and what not. No doubt my mind will wander to the goings on at the Monastery. I actually can’t wait to go! (:

What else has happened that’s quite interesting? Hmm. Nothing much really. Haha.

Except for the fact that this is the first time I’ve posted since I started this blog. WOO! xD

Until next time,
Amber. xx


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